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Summer Staff

Being a Chief at CRS is a unique privilege and huge responsibility. Our aim is to employ enthusiastic young men and women who are committed to growing in their relationship with Christ as well as living out the Gospel to serve hundreds of campers and their families each summer. We strive to create a safe environment, develop relationships with our campers and share Christ in every aspect of daily life. Our summer staff is at the heart of our ministry and has great potential to impact our campers. This is why we hire only the best staff possible.


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What does a Chief do?

Regardless of positions, all CRS staff are required to:


  • be at least 16 years of age
  • have a commitment to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly
  • place the needs and safety of campers first and foremost at all times
  • and to be flexible, expecting to be called on to go above and beyond what is listed in his/her job description.


For specific job requirements and ages, check out the details.


Staff Expectations

CRS staff members are role models to our campers, and because of this, we have a set of guidelines and rules that staff must follow. We do this because what we as staff do in moderation, the campers will do in excess. We want to be wholesome, godly leaders for our campers.



At CRS, we make the campers’ safety top priority (#safetyfirst). As a result, all staff will abide by camp rules regarding curfew, automobiles, prohibition of alcohol, tobacco products or any dangerous drugs. Staff are trained according to strict guidelines by the American Camping Association as well as Ministry Safe Abuse Awareness program.



To avoid conflict between parents and CRS staff, we have decided to take the conservative approach to dress, behavior and appearance. All staff is expected to adhere to our policies with a cheerful heart.


Application Process

  • Prospective staff members submit an application and Background Check Authorization Form
  • Request for references: Use the Reference Form online for Staff.
  • Approved staff will be contacted to set up an interview after all references have been received
  • Applicants will receive notification once a decision is made
  • For applications completed by Dec. 1, interviews will be scheduled and will be notified by Feb. 15
  • For applications completed by Feb. 1, interviews will be scheduled and will be notified by March 15
  • For applications received after Feb. 1, interviews will be offered depending on job availability
  • Selected applicants will receive a commitment specifying position and salary
  • Staff must attend training prior to camp





Reference Form


Background Check Authorization


Additional Forms will be required once hired including I-9 employment eligibility, Federal and State tax forms, and Health History form. 


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